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Welcome To The V.I.P. Concierge Member Service Area

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If You Are Accepted As A Client And V.I.P. Service Member,
You Will Receive:

• The Peace Of Mind Of Our 'Written Service Guarantee', The Best In The Business

Your Personalized Program - Several Sessions (To Be Determined In Your Screening) - Gives You Time To Get Your Goals

Expert Custom Design Ensures That All Of Your Specific Needs Will Be Met And You Can End Self-Sabbotage

• One-On-One Consult & Screening Session With Nationally Known Author & Master Hypnotist Trainer - Your Personal Evaluation & "Read" Of Your Situation And Personality - So That You Can Stop Wondering "Why You Do The Things You Do"

• Starters For Success (Right In Your Very First Session)

• Uncover hidden challenges that you may have used to sabotage yourself
• Create a crystal clear and real vision for how you want to be
• Discover all about hypnosis - and how to make it work for you
• Come from the session feeling renewed, re-energized, inspired, and ready to take the actions you need to get your goal!

• Longer-Term, Comprehensive Follow-Up - Gives You The Confidence To Learn

• More...

Program Space Is Limited.
If We Are Too Full Up At This Time, We Will Place You On The Waiting List.

You will need to be able to be agreeable and accept feedback in order to help your situation.

We do expect two things from each person whom we accept as clients: First, that you are willing to listen, pay attention, and follow instructions in your personal hypnosis program, secondly, that you do have a sincere desire to use hypnosis.

Please Use The Easy Form Below To Apply, And We Will Contact You Back Shortly.

Your answering the following questions will help us to determine if
this (hypnosis consulting) is right for you…

Quits Nasty Smoking Habit & Gets Back To God
"I don't need to go have a cigarette to take a 'time out' and escape. I don't need to look for a reason to go hide. I now can breathe fresh air. I can now go anywhere I want to go and stay as long as I want! I am in control of my life. I truly am walking on the lighted path with God."
- Linda Anderson, housewife, Client

Here's What To Do:

• This application is completely FREE! I'm covering all expenses associated with reviewing and evaluating you and your situation, but you must use the form below to gain access.

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Still unsure if this is for you? Feel free to email me or call to discuss your needs.
855-NOW-2426 (855-669-2426) or Contact Us Here. We're happy to talk with you.

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